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Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Seven

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Seven

We’re being exceptionally unsporting and mean today. That’s right, ground attack! It just doesn’t seem fair to drop things out of planes at people trapped by gravity on the surface, but apparently it’ll help the war effort somehow. Heaven forbid Field Marshal Kitchener doesn’t get his extra metre of dirt to brag about, especially in this delightful autumn weather.

Foggy skies.

They said slight chance of fog.…

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Rise of Flight with TrackIR

Rise of Flight with TrackIR

I recently acquired for myself a TrackIR thingamajig. What this is is an infrared sensing camera that, combined with a clip-on group of three sensors, allows the computer to track the movements of your head. The practical application of this technology is that it allowed you to look around without needing to use your hands on any extra controls, like so:


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Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Six

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Six

Alright, we’re back with Tommy Sparrow this time, and I was right. So long, Sopwith Triplane, your overabundance of trailing edges served us well. 10 Squadron retired the aircraft in October of 1917 and replaced it with the Sopwith Camel. When most people think ‘bi-plane’ they think of the Camel. It is possibly the most recognisable aircraft of the First World War.

Stripes make you go faster.

Stripes make you go faster.


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Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight: Die Fliegertruppen!

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight: Die Fliegertruppen!

If you’re anything like me, you probably grew up learning about World War One from the perspective of the Commonwealth. At school in Australia, I learnt most about the ill-fated Gallipoli landings and the Western Front, the heroics of the ANZAC soldiers, trenchfoot, mustard gas, and how terrible the Germans and the Ottomans were. It wasn’t really until years 11 and 12 that the conflict was…

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Some babbling on the “Not me” problem.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people claiming what I like to call “not me”s. “Not me”s are the reply you always get to general complaints about a society’s behaviour. Whether it’s a statement on rape culture, race relations, or any kind of social justice issue, there’ll usually be someone from the accused group claiming that they don’t personally hold those problematic views. I couldn’t get to sleep, so I thought I’d babble incoherently about this for a bit.

I don’t doubt that when people say they’re not sexist or not racist or whatever that they’re being honest. They may be ignorant of some behavioural aspect of themselves or some subconscious prejudice they haven’t taken the care to examine, but I believe they’re intending to be genuine nevertheless. The problem isn’t about whether someone is being truthful or not, the problem is one of context.

When someone claims they’re apart from a problematic societal issue, when they claim they’re not personally the problem, that they’re different to the majority opinion; they distance themselves from the collective consciousness of society. They detach themselves in order to protect their character. It’s basic human nature to protect the self from any kind of perceived attack by association. Unfortunately, it’s that attempt to escape the corruption that causes these people to unwittingly enable to the problem itself. To quote an unfortunately gendered phrase, “evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” The act of separating yourself from problematic issues within our society acts to deny not only association, but also responsibility.

We all have a personal responsibility to the collective consciousness of society. Social justice cannot be served by individualism, only by the realisation that all people are an interconnected whole that cannot be ethically detached from.

Oh please. Capitalism: To each according to one’s own hard work. Read a book! :)


Oh, shit, you’re right… OH WAIT. What’s this…

Working poor? But I thought hard work always rendered wealth????? OMG LOOK AT THIS SHIT THOUGH.

More poor people in America have a job than not??? WHAAAAATT? But, graph, anon told me hard work yields wealth!

Well would you take a fucking look at this. Do you know what this means? Not only are all these hard workers poor (but hard work makes people rich????), but capitalism is also hella racist. Socialism and communism both give everyone the same opportunities, but why would we want that?! That would take white privilege out of the world of work. Equal opportunity for all colors? Fuck that, right? I prefer capitalism, where the class system and minimal regulation of business allows blatant discrimination in the work place.

I mean, surely the rich get rich by working hard and being honest. This is America, right?

Whoa! Excuse me, graph? Anon told me hard work yielded wealth??? This can’t be right! The actual workers of corporations bust their asses to make the profit for the corporations??? If this were the case, that would mean that CEOs *gasp* STEAL profit from workers???? WHAAAATTT?????

Hard work does not render wealth in a capitalist setting, or the term “working poor” wouldn’t exist. Look around you! :)

If you think capitalism is anything more than a system by which a select group can concentrate all the wealth, power and opportunity within themselves while profiting unfairly from everyone else’s labour, you’re a fucking nutcase.

The fact that claiming to believe that the workers (read: the people actually doing the things) should own the means of production (the tools and profits of their own fucking work) is something to be ridiculed and denigrated as archaic, utopian or naive, is a fantastic example of the propaganda machine that works to convince us this selfish shitfest of an economic system is somehow the one true way.

Eat the rich.

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Five

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Five

Good news, everybody. I’ve somehow managed to drag my wounded corpse back to the squadron aerodrome after a cunning escape I can only assume went somewhat exactly like this:

Yes, sir. It’s back to the war for me. Sitting about in German captivity was just awful. All that not having to fly a plane, regular meals, not being shot at,…

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Can you explain why Europeans were much more technologically advanced than the indigenous populations of Africa? I mean, these cultures hadn't even invented sewage systems, which is something the Romans were able to design and implement in 800-735 BC (a long fucking time before "the white man" colonized it)... I mean fuck, without "the white man", they would probably still be in the fucking bronze age.



I don’t really know what kind of history books bigots like you read.

The Great Libraries of Timbuktu? The steel metallurgy of the Haya? Dentistry? Caesarean section? Premature neonatal care? Mathematics, architecture, engineering?

I know it’s hard for a racist like you who imagines “technological advancement” to be some kind of end-all-be-all, or proof of some “inherent intelligence”. I know, I know. It’s hard to imagine, but Europeans have been drawing knowledge from everyone around them since the dawn of time. What did you think ended the Dark Ages?

Your magical (read: white supremacist) idea of a purely 'white' Rome never existed.


The Minoan culture on the island of Crete between 1500-1700 B.C.E. had a highly developed waste management system. They had very advanced plumbing and designed places to dispose of organic wastes. Knossos, the capital city, had a central courtyard with baths that were filled and emptied using terra-cotta pipes. This piping system is similar to techniques used today. They had large sewers built of stone.”

In case you needed further clarification, neither the Minoans nor other (later) Greeks were ethnically uniform. They also had the first flush toilets, dating back to 18th century B.C.E. They had flushing toilets, with wooden seats and an overhead reservoir. The Minoan royals were the last group to use flushing toilets until the re-development of that technology in 1596.

Oh, and look the Mayans had indoor plumbing, acqueducts, and pressurized water too. I mean, you can ignore that the area Mayans lived in had little to few rivers, no lakes or standing water, nor other sources of running water, while simultaneously dealing with monsoons and flooding due to one of the heaviest yearly rainfalls in the Americas.

Classic Maya even used household water filters using locally abundant limestone carved into a porous cylinder, made so as to work in a manner strikingly similar to modern ceramic water filters.

Of course, by this time millenia later none of your precious “white people” had developed any methods besides shitting in pots.

Continuing, the earliest archaeological record of an advanced system of drainage comes from the Indus Valley Civilization from around 3100 B.C.E in what is now Pakistan and North India.  By 2500 B.C.E (almost 5,000 years ago), highly developed drainage system where wastewater from each house flowed into the main drain.
All houses in the major cities of Harappa and Mohenjo−daro had access to water and drainage facilities. Waste water was directed to covered drains which lined the major streets directed to covered drains, which lined the major streets. Each home had its own private drinking well and its own private bathroom. The mains that carried wastewater to a cesspit were tall enough for people to walk through. Reservoirs, a central drainage system, fresh water pumped into the homes. Pools. Baths.

Filters for solid waste.

Sorry, what were the British doing up until like, 200 years ago? Shitting in the streets? Oh yeah.
I mean, I could get into how by the Shang Dynasty (roughly 1600 B.C.E.), China had sophisticated plumbing including pressure inverted siphons.

Or into the city of Amarna, Ancient Egypt. Or Persepolis, Persia and the Achaemenids in 600 B.C.E.
But, I mean, it sounds like the only one still in the Bronze Age is you.

I love it when people bring facts to white supremacist logic.

Fantastic response to a stupid question. I’d just like to add that the perceived differences in development between Europe and the peoples indigenous to Asia, Africa, North & South America and Australasia have a lot to do with the one thing Europeans are actually better at than anybody else - the destruction of other civilisations, the genocide of native peoples and the appropriation of technology from other cultures around the globe.

So good job white supremacists, your “superior culture” is built on the backs of all those other civilisations you raped, murdered and stole from. I’m sure you’re very proud.

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Four

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part Four

Hello, everyone. You may notice something a bit different about today’s adventure.

I got a haircut!

I got a haircut!

That’s right, we’re flying a different plane! This is the Sopwith Triplane. Triplanes are a unique feature of aerial battles in the First World War. They look a bit ridiculous at first, but they come with a few neat advantages. Strapping three wings onto your aircraft instead of two has the effect…

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Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part 3

Let’s Crash in Rise of Flight, Part 3

Reconnaissance! Casually flying around at low-altitude taking a peek at the enemy lines, recon is a fairly relaxed affair. I spend most of my time skimming treetops and buzzing towns, attempting to uncover enemy ground units, trains, vehicle convoys, that sort of thing.

Like a lazy Sunday.

Nice day for a picnic.

Usually this type of mission is done by twin-seater aircraft, so somebody else can hold the camera, but,…

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